If you seriously “KNOW” me, you would know how much my itouch means to me. It was the most valuable material item I owned and I ironically lost it during my Florida trip. 

I’m a firm believer on the idea that things happen for a reason. Just 15 minutes prior to this post, I went and got my very first smart phone. I never get anything until it’s a necessity. I’ve gotten by years with this simple slider phone. I think one of the reasons why I didn’t get a smart phone earlier is because I wanted to prove to many people that you could get by with just a simple phone. 

This S4 is the most expensive item I’ve ever bought myself. I chose it because I’ve been an apple consumer since the first ipod nano. I’m at the age of transitioning so I want to try something new. I’ve always been anti android.. but I never even given it a chance. 

Then after I got my phone, I went to the bank to withdrawal $1000 to give to my mumsie. My secret but not so secret goal this summer was to hit the 1k mark for the first time. Before I got the job at Tien and at the beau.. I never had more than $50 in the bank lol. Giving her 1k was easy because I’m use to living off $50. I wish I could give her more, but in due time! I’m so much like my mom.. we spend more money on others than on ourselves. 

My friend Kenneth is one of the reasons to why I decided on an android phone and why I splurged. He was telling me how he paid $180 on just a jacket and I asked him how he had the heart to do that..’cause I don’t. He said it just feels good to treat yourself from time to time. So I took his words literally.

I’m so excited to explore this phone. I’ve been wanting to snapchat so bad. SOOO MANY OF MY FRIENDS wanted me to get a smart phone haha now I don’t have an excuse for not texting back. 

I’m so happy right now. I’ve accepted the lost of my itouch and gained something new out of it. & it’s just not just a “something” it’s something that I bought. It’s the first investment of many. I’m really proud of myself ^__^ 

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