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or at least a villian. 

or at least a villian. 

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Men’s Joker - l’artiste capillaire

Models: Jin Dachuan,  Rock Ji

Photographer: Jumbo Tsui

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"I am so sorry to all the people I hurt while I was hurting."

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What is life


What is life

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2014 / Bonsai by KRIS KANG on Flickr.

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Good bye, why hello there.

I had my first desire to delete this blog.

My need for control and cravings for privacy has been growing stronger ever since I turned 18 in 2012. 

Esp. privacy. I’ve always been opened about my life on this blog. It was my safe haven. I remember writing posts that truly were secret cries for help. But now that I got the help I needed, I started to resent how much of my life I poured into this blog instead of talking to someone in person. For some this blog is an inspiration, but for me it’s a reminder of my struggles as an adolescent. 

I was thinking about making a new everything. New blog. new name, ect. I wanted to run away from “on win” but part of me wants to fully embrace my past and transition this blog into something more evolved. 

Plus I know I’ve been holding back the silly, happier side of myself from the world to see. My life isn’t all about dark clouds or demons; only 85% of it is.


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He told me I am beautiful,
I can’t, I am sorry, but does he even know how much these words mean to me because nobody every really said it with a second thought.

Thank you

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I’ll be back on tumblr soon enough…I miss my tumblr fam. Until then, here’s my new doggy and I.

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